Why Shred?

Why should you shred?     What should you shred?     When should you shred?


  1.  It's the law - HIPAA, FACTA & GLB to name a few
  2. Concern for Identity Theft
  3. Protect information from competitors

All documents which contain personal information such as names, addresses, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers should be kept in a secure location and shredded when they are no longer needed.

All computer hard drives, disks, and other storages devices should also be securely destroyed.

There are some documents that should be kept indefinitely. However, some can be shredded immediately after use and many more after one year.

There are regulations advising how long you should keep your records. If you would like a copy of Shred Time's Record Retention Guide all you have to do is ask. We will be happy to send it to you. See our Contact Us page for details.

A Certificate of Destruction is supplied to our customers at the completion of each shredding order.

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